Miss match clear seaglass drilled earrings with a sterling silver ear wire.

These amazing naturally warn by the ocean rectangles were found on the Dorset coast. They measure roughly 28mm x 12mm and 22mm x 12mm with a full drop length of 48mm and 42mm.

All jewellery comes in a small gift box (this may differ from gift box in photograph) with free UK postage and packaging.

Clear rectangular seaglass earrings

  • Each piece of seaglass measures roughly 15mm x 13mm.

    A completely unique piece of jewellery.


    Each piece of jewellery is hand made by Jules with seaglass/beach treasures her partner, friends and self have found at local beaches as well as around the world.

    Please be aware that seaglass and sea pottery is all unique in shape, colour and size and these earrings are not identical to each other!