This gorgeous oval ball of blue seaglass was sent to me by a friend from Cornwall. It's now in this pretty little seaglass mermaid ring. Set in 925 sterling silver with a 1.5mm band.
The size of this ring is a L. Because the band is thin it would also fit comfortably on a K½ or L½ sized finger. 

The piece of seaglass measures roughly 7mm x 5mm. 
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All jewellery comes in a small gift box (this may differ from gift box in photograph) with free UK postage and packaging.

Deep blue seaglass mermaids ring

  • Please note each piece seaglass is unique and can come with its inperfections due to being washed around on the seashores.

    Sea and Solder try to pick only the smoothest pieces for their jewellery however there may still be some small lumps and bumps with in it!