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Bespoke Seaglass Jewellery

Jules at Sea & Solder takes inspiration from the sea and turns it into unique one off pieces of jewellery. Have a look at the work and all that Sea & Solder has achieved so far in the gallery below. 

If you have some seaglass to turn into jewellery or would like a piece of jewellery made please get in touch and we can discuss what you would like. Jules will them discuss and create bespoke designs for you to choose from.

Looking for a seaglass engagement ring? Or wedding bands. Click the link below to get in touch.

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"On hol with my sister and her children I found the sweetest tiniest bits of sea glass, I sent them to Julia and she has worked her magic and turned them into the most beautiful and delicate necklace. I gave it to my sister for her birthday and we have both marvelled at the quality of setting that Julia has created. Thanks so much Jules can’t wait to get a ring for myself!"


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Sea & Solder jewellery is made using sterling silver and/or gold.
UK law states that all items made with precious metal must have a UK hallmark if they are over specific weights.
For silver this weight is 7.78g, for gold and palladium over 1g, and platinum over 0.5g .
All jewellery made with metal content over these weights will have a hallmark from the London Assay Office.

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