Seaglass Studs wrapped 925 sterling silver.
These earrings are made to order.  Once you have picked your colour Sea & Solder will make you a pair of seaglass earrings in the style of the ones photographed above. 
Because seaglass is so unique in shape and size and these earrings will not identical to each other! I try my best to find two pieces that are similar in shape/size.
 You can also send me your own seaglass. Just add a little note to let me know you have seaglass to send me and I will send you my address.
Please note the turn around for these earrings can be  around two weeks depending on how busy I am, however I will try and make them as quickly as is possible.

1: Teal 8mm
2: Orangey/yellow 9mm
3: Clear mermaid tears 8mm
4: Dark blue 8mm
5: Light green 9mm
6: Pink 6mm
7: Green 6mm
8: Clear round 6mm
9: Teal rain drops 9mm
All jewellery comes in a small gift box (this may differ from gift box in photograph) with free UK postage and packaging. All packaging can be recycled or is biodegradable.
When possible Sea & Solder uses recycled silver.

Made to order - Seaglass Studs

  • A completely unique piece of jewellery.

    Each necklace is hand made by Jules with seaglass she has found at her local beaches as well as around the world.