Gift voucher available with this order. Just pick your choices and 'Ring sizer & gift voucher' in ring size and il send you a ring sizer and gift voucher with all the details on, including a photo of your chosen piece of seaglass. Once you contact me with a size I will make the ring asap.

A seaglass ring along side two hammered stacking rings. You will receive one seaglass ring and two stacking rings which can be worn together or individually.
These rings are made to order (you will not receive the ones on the photographs, these are just examples or previous orders).
Have a look at the pieces of seaglass on the rock, pick your favourite colour and Sea & Solder will make a unique seaglass ring just for you. The colour of seaglass may vary in shade from the photograph!
Rings can be made in any size to fit you. If you already know your ring size then pick your size from the drop down menu or if you are unsure pick 'send me a ring sizer' option and il post one out to you the following working day.
If you have your own special pieces of seaglass or stones you can also send them to me to be made into your ring!
Wear part of the ocean where ever you go!

Where did the seaglass come from? Collected by Jules, her family and friends.
1: Turquoise 8mm x 6mm Charmouth, Dorset
2: Green 7mm x 7mm Ringstead, Dorset
3: Dark blue 7mm x 7mm
4: Yellow 9mm x 7mm Glass Beach, Seaham.
5: Clear 8mm x 6mm Ringstead, Dorset
6: Light blue 6mm x 5mm Glass Beach, Seaham
7: Teal 10mm x 8mm Overcombe, Dorset
8: Aqua blue 10mm x 8mm Charmouth, Dorset
9: Blue multi 8mm x 7mm Glass Beach, Seaham
Please note the turn around for these can be up to two weeks depending on how busy I am, however I will try and make them as quickly as is possible. Please pop me a message and we can discuss time frames.
All jewellery comes in a small gift box (this may differ from gift box in photograph) with free UK postage and packaging.
You can also order a ring sizer for £1 here:

Pick your own seaglass - Seaglass Stacking Rings

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  • Please note each piece seaglass is unique and can come with its inperfections due to being washed around on the seashores. Sea and Solder try to pick only the smoothist pieces for their jewellery however there may still be some small lumps and bumps with in it!